2015 in review

This is my first year review in English. And what a year! Let’s start, this is 2015 in review.

2015 in review

In January, we celebrated the 1st birthday of my son Aitor. Time flies!

In February, we quit our startup Innubu. You can read the full history and the post-mortem of Innubu (spanish).

In March, I started to work at QDQ Media as frontend developer. Also I started to read about stock investing and did my first operations.

In April, I released Woordy on Github, a text tiny game written with AngularJS.

In May, I decided to quit my job without have another job offer. I wrote about what I think a job is (spanish). I also learn a bit of ReactJS & JSX and released Tweet Splitter on Github, developed in a couple of days.

In June, I joined ReignDesign as remote NodeJS developer and I visited Barcelona!

From July until November, I started to learn and play with ThreeJS to develop a tiny game prototype as a side project. But finally, I decided to decline the idea of developing a game with ThreeJS due to object modeling, level editing and threading management.

At the same time when I was seeing the first downsides of ThreeJS on this purpose, I started to learn Unity and I got something working but not completed. Again I faced that I can’t complete a game without an artist for modeling, even purchasing some art.


This blog is still growing! This year +71K views, +53K visitors and 21 posts added.

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-31 13.35.40You can also check the metrics of other years.

I also made improvements about SEO.

And right now:
Captura de pantalla 2015-12-31 13.36.41

Side projects

Currently and for now, I have no active side projects.

This year was the most active for Github projects and also I worked on a few projects that I deployed secretly but killed a couple of months later for no traction. I learned a lot but I need to focus, to do less projects but biggers.

My idea is to define and focus on a single side project and work on it in my spare time of a full year.

Will see 🙂

David Burgos

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