#turnIndieChallenge End: January 2019, 6th month

It's the end of my #turnIndieChallenge, also you can read the previous month review.

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πŸš€ What I did

Make coffee because the list is huge, let's go:


1 - Authors Report: published posts by authors in the last 12 months and rakings by productivity, virality, engagement, view time, post length, etc.

Authors report on Ghostboard.io

2 - Homepage updated: faster, with animations and shorter with the Features section as a slideshow
Features update

3 - Also the briefing was updated:
Why Ghostboard section

4 - New pricing: previosly there were about 9 plans based on blog views and with autoscaling 😰

Based on feedback and data, now the pricing is simplified in 3 plans and annual payment as a option.

The customers already onboard have discount applied automatically in the new plans if they want to upgrade ✌️

New pricing

5 - New open source CLI tool to clean unused uploaded images in a Ghost blog, called ghost-purge-images and available on Github

I built it in less than 24 hours in a weekend while I tweeting it, read more in this post

Open source CLI tool ghost-purge-images screenshot

6 - Added support to Ghost Content API, the Public API used by Ghostboard at the beginning was deprecated starting on version 2.10 and Ghost added this new API πŸ‘Š

7 - I published 6 posts on Ghostboard blog

8 - With a 120 EUR coupon I got from Google, I created some Google Ads campaigns but the conversion rate is almost 0, zero 😱 And yes, I tested several things, texts, ads and with more than 20 keywords

9 - I also texted to some people with a Ghost blog to let they know Ghostboard exists, like leaving a comment in their blog, replying a tweet, etc.

This worked a bit better than Google Ads but the cost-output does not worth it πŸ‘Ž


Added Sources Report, plans updated, fixes and little improvements
Sources report on Glasslytics


Quick creation of this service to validate VAT numbers in order to get the right VAT rate. Not good feedback... 🀭

VATnumbers.eu screenshot

Indie Maker - The Game

Open source game about indie makers, available on Github and play here I recommend you to play in your smartphone. I built this as a experiment.

This game is open source, free and has no cost, in-game purchases nor ads.

Indie Maker The Game, screenshots

πŸ’° Results & money

On Product Hunt, the game got good comments

While I'm writing this post, it's on the #11 position of the most popular of the day with 84 upvotes and +10 comments
Indie Maker The Game

Even some people wrote some code to cheat, auto-clicking the buttons πŸ˜‚ Read the comments!

πŸ’Έ This game and VATnumbers.eu have not revenue


  • βœ‰οΈ 0 new signups
  • 🌸 0 customers (-1)
  • πŸ’΅ $6
  • 🎯 1 cancelation after payment

🌡 This proyect has no customers right now 😰


😍 MRR chart via Stripe:
Stripe MRR chart

Some highlights:

  • ✍️ 9 new blogs this month
  • 🌸 11 customers (+2)
  • πŸ’΅ $69
  • πŸ’³ 1 blog in free trial added the card
  • πŸ™Œ 1 plan upgraded

πŸ’° Total $75
Prev month: $57

🎻 What's next?

I'm proud of my performance but I didn't reach the goal, that was to make enough money to pay the bills and continue.

I worked so hard and the previous chart is amazing but I'm only making 60 EUR monthly

I will remember the achievement of built something by myself that it is making money and growing, for the first time πŸ†

πŸ‘‰ Let me be clear, Ghostboard is going to keep online with constant updates, improvements and support, and I hope it keeps growing πŸš€ Let's see

The remaining projects will keep online at least some months more

By last, I will start to look for a job but I have some savings yet for a couple of months. So if you need a Remote Javascript Fullstack developer (Node, React, etc.), let's talk or tweet me.

πŸ‘‹ Thanks for reading!

David Burgos

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