How to update ghost-cli for outdated versions when upgrading Ghost

Recently I was updating this Ghost blog to the current, last version 1.19.0 having installed ghost-cli@1.0.3 and finally I noticed I had to update ghost-cli first.

😓 After follow the instructions and guides running:

npm i -g ghost-cli@latest
npm update -g ghost-cli

It doesn't work and then running ghost version at the blog folder, I got:

Ghost-Cli version: 1.0.3

😡 It's a bit annoying because this produces another different errors when upgrading Ghost.

How to update ghost-cli

😳 First I noticed npm update script was killed by memory limit.

Double check it and if it's your case, like running your Ghost blog in a 512MB RAM VPS, so enable or increase your Swap space, you can read here How to add swap.

🔎 Then I found where was ghost-cli, running:

locate ghost-cli

Then I found /usr/lib so I moved to there with:

cd /usr/lib

And then:

npm update ghost-cli

I moved again to the blog folder and run ghost version and finally ghost-cli was updated 👇


👁 Note that while you are updating, if your blog goes down due to any error, you can recovery your blog with ghost update --rollback 👍

Then when you have updated your ghost-cli, try again with ghost update 🤞

🤙 Leave a comment with your doubts or experiences!

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