MileagifyJS released at GitHub


In my last annual review I left hinted to release the source code of Mileagify as open source. Well, the day has come.

What is MileagifyJS & why should I use it?

MileagifyJS is a client-side Javascript library built on top of Google Maps API v3 in order to get fuel saving routes and some tools around it like geolocation, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and estimated money spent.

So If you are working on a routing app or just interested in some function, check out.

Why open source? Why GitHub?

I think it is the best step due to I don’t pretend to continue developing it and maybe my release would be helpful to someone.

I also think GitHub is a good place for share a public repository 😛

What do you exactly release?

All that I can 🙂 As you can see in the repository at GitHub:

  • lib folder, you will find:

  • mileagify.js – the own library with comments

  • mileagify.min.js – the same library without comments and minified, for the best performance (4.0kb)

  • examples folder, you will find:

  • 1.html – Some functions without render

  • 2.html – Render routes from Los Angeles to New York including directions

  • 3.html – Embedded online demo (you can also see the source code)

  • test folder, you will find more than 30 tests using Jasmine.

What about the app & domain

Will still work until mid April 2014. After, I will release the domain but the app will continue available at the same demo URL (continue reading)

Demo online

Sure! Check

Fork on GitHub

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