How to speed up hide() or show() in jQuery

If you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of elements and need to hide or show them, probably you have already noticed a slow performance. Or you will do. Let's see how to speed up hide() or show() in jQuery:

Think again

Double check how are you doing it.

I mean if you are selecting each element by one and then toggling it. Like this:


Please don't use show() or hide() in a loop.

If you are doing it, stop. You have to refactor it.

Consider split elements into 2 classes and then apply once. For example:


How to speed hide() or show() in jQuery

If your code still have bad performance and need to toggle one by one, here is a list of differents ways, slower first:

  1. Don't use .toggle()

It's slower than the next method because jQuery has to check if it's visible or not.

  1. Use .show() and .hide()

It's what you are doing. So keep reading!

  1. CSS vía jQuery
$('#element1').css('display', '');
$('#element4').css('display', 'none') 
  1. Pure CSS in Javascript
items[i].style.display = hideCondition ? 'none' : 'block';

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