2017 year review

Another year review! Let's see:


In January, I launched Nexos Ads with a childhood friend. Below you'll find a post with more info.

In February I moved this Wordpress blog to Ghost and also I changed the domain from davidburgosonline.com to davidburgos.blog 👨‍💻

In April I celebrated my 29th birthday 🎂

In May I shut down Nexos Ads, can read about the story and post-mortem here in Spanish 🇪🇸

In June I went to the HIM and Romanthica concert in Madrid. Very special due was part of the HIM's Farewell Tour and I listen to this band from when I was 12 👶 And Romanthica is one of my new, favorites bands. So couldn't miss that opportunity 🤠

HIM, Farewell Tour

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In July I changed my Toyota Prius 2G, more about my experience and opinion with my Toyota Prius 2G along 9 years and 150,000 kms

In August I released the first version of Bolder, a Ghost theme which I use in this blog.

In September I went to the Stravaganzza concert in Madrid. Another of my fav bands 🤘 Special due to be the first live after join again and with string squad, choir and dancers 🎻💃

Stravaganzza is back 💪💥

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In October I started to learn Phaser and worked in some tiny prototypes 🎮

In November I started to learn Meteor just for fun 🚀

In late December after migrate from Wordpress to Ghost I miss some analytics I had in Wordpress, about the posts and blog performance. I just started to look if I can do something about it 🤓

Happy New Year 🥂

David Burgos

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