2023 Year Review

Here I go again with a year review, you can read the previous 2022 Year Review

During the 1st quarter, I took the AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Professional Certificate on Coursera and on 1st April, I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam getting the official badge.

At the end of May, my 4yo son Alex had severe peritonitis taking a 2 hours life-or-death surgery and then staying 1 week in the ICU. Tough times but with learnings. Fortunately, he fully recovered and he plays and draws like never before.

In September I was in Barcelona with the Worldreader team, we visited the Chocolate Museum and I had fun like every time I go there 馃檪

This year I have read only 1 book: Invicto (in Spanish)

In parallel, this year I dedicated more time to listening to podcasts, most of them in Youtube, especially I like Tengo un plan (in Spanish) and the Alex Hormozi channel.

In the last quarter, I started lifting weights at home, going for a walk and running a few times per week, feeling better and with more energy. Also testing waking up earlier (6AM) but give me more time to make it work 馃槄

About Ghostboard 馃幈

馃挕 You can read more about the updates related to Ghostboard in the 2023 year review in the Ghostboard blog

As you may know, I work on it on some weekends and nights. Unfortunately, this year the revenue was decreased -18.7%

Ghostboard 2023 MRR

A few things I can mention:

  • I spent a few months at the beginning of the second half of the year migrating from MongoDb to Postgres and it impacted directly: no updates during this refactor and I introduced a couple of bugs (fixed in a few days).
  • There were a couple of other causes that I'm aware of, that I already introduced changes. For example, a reminders for expiring cards 馃ザ

Anyway, since the last quarter of the year I've been taking action, planning and even changing my personal routines described above.

Let's see what I achieve in 2024 馃弸锔
Thanks for reading, Happy New Year 馃

David Burgos

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