2022 Year Review

Here I go again with a year review. You can read the previous 2021 Year Review

The most important thing of the year: on 26th May, Emma was born ✨

That was the reason I missed the Worldreader event on the same week in Barcelona. Anyway, I went to Barcelona twice this year, one in September and recently in December.

✨ It has been a good year at my job, I'm proud & happy of the achieved goals like improving the average response times of the legacy APIs by more than 60%

In summer and after a couple of years without vacations, my family and I enjoyed a few days off in the sunny Almeria ☀️

Recently, I posted about the 6 books I read in 2022 📚

About Ghostboard 🎱

This year I spent less time on the project, mainly due to my 3 kids & my job. As you may know, I work on it on some weekends and nights.

Continuing with transparency, I share again the revenue in 2022 (after 4 years):

Ghostboard 2022 MRR

You can read more in the 2022 year review in the Ghostboard blog

Thanks for reading, Happy New Year 🥂

David Burgos

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