Best 9 books I read in 2018

Usually I share the books I read each year, I shared the best 8 books I read in 2017 (post in Spanish) and now I want to share with you the best 9 books I read this year 📚

Best 9 books I read in 2018 📚

Here is my list:

  1. MAKE by Pieter Levels
  2. Start small, stay small by Rob Walling
  3. Don't start a business, solve a problem by Thomas Oppong
  4. The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris
  5. Traction by Gabriel Weinberg
  6. Start marketing the day you start coding by Rob Walling
  7. Learning to launch by Fred Rivett & Mike Gatward
  8. 🇪🇸 El Appreneur by Helio Laguna & Jorge Díaz
  9. 🇪🇸 Lo que aprendi hasta los 30 by Jorge Lorenzo

I already have a couple of books to read in 2019, what books do you recommend me? Leave me a comment!

👋 Thanks for reading

David Burgos

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